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Mellow Yellow is a colorful, sparkling French fashion label that was launched in 2004. It is owned 100% by the Eram Group, with fully integrated operations that allow it to benefit from the expertise of a major corporate retailer.

Mellow Yellow is seeking partners in France and internationally to support its business development. Mellow Yellow's success is based on the originality of its collections with a market position as a luxury, designer label at affordable prices. All design work is led by its Paris design studio.

The label is sold in over 250 multi-label stores in France, with a high potential for growth across the network thanks to a rich product offering that is aimed at women and girls, specifically via the MiniMy shoe range.

Mellow Yellow affords particular attention to the quality of its products, with close business relationships with a variety of mainly European partners.

Each season, it launches a packaged collection that is "Made in France."




Mellow Yellow stores are designed as "boutique apartments" where you feel at home: instead of shelving, there are bookcases and soft sofas for a cossetting shopping experience. Candles, wall lighting and the combination of parquet flooring and plaster coving create the effect of Hausmann-style architecture to the delight of our customers.

An extensive network of stores in city-center and mall locations, with a particularly significant presence in Paris, have made Mellow Yellow a key player in the French shoe market.

Mellow Yellow creates collections of shoes, leather goods, accessories, and ready-to-wear items. A well-known and highly rated mark among our target customer base, to the extent that the label has achieved a market positioning as an essential shoe brand that is sold in major department stores such as Galeries Lafayette or Printemps.
The brand is known for its creative style and superb manufacturing quality.

Learn more about the benefits of being a partner:

- Highly contemporary, frequently-updated collection

- An in-depth knowledge of the French retail market, with 15 years' experience in 50 stores

- A dedicated partner relationship team, which offers ongoing expertise and assistance to enhance stores' profitability

- A complete training program at corporate headquarters and in our French stores

- Specialist assistance in locating retail spaces and in negotiating with landlords

- Professional partner support in opening stores and following up on the business to ensure a smooth integration with Mellow Yellow's systems


To share our passion for making Mellow Yellow and its values available to a wide audience, we are looking for dynamic retailers who offer a spectrum of brands that are compatible with our own. With a distribution network of over 250 multi-brand stores in France, Mellow Yellow has the potential to offer high levels of growth throughout the network with a rich product offering that is targeted at WOMEN and CHILDREN.

Complementing this high-performance product offering, we also offer a wide range of partnership agreements that will enable you to distribute our brand on favorable terms. Our partnerships can extend as far as installing a Mellow Yellow merchandizing corner in your stores.